Edit Not much is known about her early life, although she is a bitch. It is mentioned, however, that CeCe grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and that she lives in Montecito, California, which both contain some of the most expensive real estate in the United States. Throughout her life, CeCe has manipulated people in order to protect the interests of her family, especially when it concerns her youngest daughter, Lily. Her eldest child, Carol, did not agree with CeCe’s lifestyle or her elitist views, eventually fleeing the trappings of her wealthy upbringing, thus infuriating CeCe. Season 1 Edit Upon her introduction in season one, CeCe is adored by her granddaughter Serena, who sees her as a free spirit and looks up to her. Her opinion towards her changes, however, when CeCe tries to manipulate Serena’s then-boyfriend, Dan Humphrey, and his father into staying away from her during the cotillion due to their low social standing. Season 2 Edit In the second season, CeCe is recovering from cancer and has changed her views on life and attempts to aid Dan in winning Serena back at the White Party. On the other hand, it is she who reveals to Rufus that Lily had given away their illegitimate child up so many years ago, causing a rift between Rufus and Lily again.

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Serena is banished from the Waldorf apartment for her part in the reveal of Blair’s diary, she then retaliates by trying to seduce Dan with the help of Blair’s minions. Nate asks Lola to move in with him, but she turns him down when she tells him that her acting group is going on tour. Meanwhile at the Shephard divorce party, Serena and Dan have sex, but when Dan learns she videotaped their encounter just to hurt Blair, he furiously leaves.

Who is nate from gossip girl dating in real life Taylor are also apparently dating your ultimate source for all episodes from this potential relationship advice sex tips, is this for years, everybody.

Edit Lily had been upset that Charlie Ivy hadn’t been seen since the accident and hired a private investigator to track her down. The investigator accidentally found the real Charlie, who was enrolled at Juilliard. When Lily thought she saw Charlie , she called out her name and Lola turned around and said that was indeed her name which lead to Lily believe she found the wrong Charlotte Rhodes.

At the end of the episode, Lola is asked for ID and when she opens her wallet, viewers see a photo of her and Carol The End of the Affair? She works for the catering company that worked for Blair and Louis’ wedding and The Spectator’s holiday party, where she first met Nate. During Blair and Louis’ wedding in G. When he decides to give her a chance, she refuses, not wanting to become involved with the world of the UES.

Nate, still under the impression that Ivy is really Charlie, explains the situation to Lola. Afterwards, she tries to friend request Ivy on Facebook but gets no response. Eventually in Cross Rhodes , she calls Ivy from Nate’s phone to demand answers as to why she’s using her name. A Gossip Girl blast tips off that Ivy as Charlie is at the hospital, and the blast alludes to her mental illness.

Lola goes to the hospital, sees her mom Carol and asks what she is doing there. After hearing everything, Lola cuts Carol off and leaves the hospital.

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Every show has one: Baer, who is credited with inventing the first video game — all geeks. Not to mention Geek Chic, the fashion phenomenon, where suspenders and high-waisted pants are considered the hottest look, is still extremely popular if only 80s high schoolers sporting pen protectors knew this would be the case. And for the matter of creating an engaging and familiar plot line, the stereotype of a geek works absolutely beautifully.

But after they yell cut, that makeup and those glasses come off.

To non-Gossip Girl fans, this spot is actually The Museum of the City of New York. So, if you’re putting it into your GPS, know that’s where you’re actually supposed to go.

After host Seth Meyers explained that many of Donald Trump’s tweets feel “very gossipy,” he asked Bell to read the tweets from the perspective of Gossip Girl. So unfair Jeff, Double Standard. Meyers introduced the last tweet by explaining that the reading would be a favour to him. As a Gossip Girl fan, just to hear my voice in your voice would be an honour,” he said before the final tweet appeared for Bell to read.

Though the new episodes don’t start shooting until Nov. The original series was filmed in San Diego. We were at a place called Stu Segall Productions, and most people were from L. The original series, which ran on UPN and The CW from to , followed high school student Veronica, who moonlights as a private investigator. It’s where she did all her P. We had no executives or, like, bosses coming to the set and in the bathroom, throughout the three years.

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In the pilot episode alone, there are two instances of rape. Newbie to Upper East Side society, Jenny Humphrey, is sexually assaulted on the rooftop whilst a high school dance takes place below. There are plenty of other ways the consequence-free lifestyle of Serena, Blair, et al. He pimps her out to his uncle for a piece of real estate. Cathryn writes about this more extensively than I ever could here. Granted, Jenny caused a lot of trouble for her former friends and family, but rape is never a fitting punishment.

On Gossip Girl, which thankfully returned last night, the bed-hopping is the most intense of all. Nate’s slept with Blair, Vanessa, and Serena; Vanessa’s slept with Nate, Dan, and Chuck.

The show took place in New York City with six main characters in high school. The show depicted a lot of underage drinking, drug use, and sex. The show, naturally appealed to high school and college students. I think the theory that most relates to this show and our class would be that of the cultivation theory. So many viewers want to live the lives of the characters and when viewers were put in the situation to drink alcohol or do drugs, they would never hesitate to copy their favorite characters.

You could also make the case that viewers become desensitized to all the sex, drugs, and alcohol in the show just as you would if you watched a violent movie, video game, or tv show. Forget all the drugs, sex, and alcohol in the program for one second and think about how poorly the characters treated one another. The desensitization comes from many hours or watching one program that you become desensitized from the violence etc. The cultivation theory is a great tool to describe why people act like their favorite characters, and depending on who that is, can have significant implications.

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Share Comment Gossip Girl took the formula for standard teen dramas to a whole new level. Add in a cast of wealthy New York teens and the typical outsiders, and you get the perfect formula for one of the most popular shows of the s. Over the course of episodes, viewers became entranced by the indulgent lifestyles, stereotypical teen drama, and high fashion of these New York adolescents.

Chuck In Real Life 42m. The juicy buzz oozing from Gossip Girl’s blog continues as Dan begins dating a film star and Serena looks to get even after a falling out with Chuck. 1. Reversals of Fortune Charlie leads you on unpredictable and imaginative shape-filled story expeditions alongside a colorful cast of characters.

Rodney Frelinghuysen R announces retirement from House Jan. Rodney Frelinghuysen announced Monday he will retire rather than seek another term in November, when he was expected to face the toughest campaign of his career in New Jersey’s 11th District. Frelinghuysen, 71, became chairman of the House Appropriations Committee last year, a post that made him more beholden to the House Republican leadership at a time his suburban district was the site of regular protests urging him to resist the policies of President Donald Trump.

Frelinghuysen initially opposed the Republican-crafted American Health Care Act, but then supported a revised version even as he said he hoped the Senate would make it better. In December, he opposed the sweeping tax overhaul that was one of the major legislative accomplishments of the GOP Congress and the Trump administration. Bill Pascrell, a Paterson Democrat who served 21 years with Frelinghuysen in Congress and for years before that in the state Legislature.

Frelinghuysen’s departure continues a trend of retirements by veteran House Republicans, including prominent committee chairmen, that have raised Democrats’ hopes of retaking the House in November. A term incumbent from Harding Township, Frelinghuysen is part of a family that can trace its roots in Congress back to the founding of the United States.

His father, Peter Frelinghuysen, served 11 terms in Congress from to , and his great-great-great-great-grandfather, Frederick Frelinghuysen, was a Federalist who served in the Continental Congress and was a member of the New Jersey convention that ratified the U. His great-great-great-uncle, three-term senator Theodore Frelinghuysen, ran as Henry Clay’s vice presidential candidate on the Whig ticket in In a statement announcing his decision to retire, Frelinghuysen mentioned his service in the Army in Vietnam and his work on the appropriator to keep the military strong.

He said he would remain committed during the coming year to finish the stalled budget for and give members from both parties a chance to have input on the spending plan, which Trump is due to unveil next month.

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He is the father of Chuck Bass and the husband of Lily van der Woodsen. He is portrayed by Robert John Burke. The Bass family is well known on the Upper East Side and are extremely wealthy.

Jan 06,  · Dan turned out to be Gossip Girl, the blogger who followed Manhattan’s elite around in order to blast all of their secrets. So essentially, he was the ultimate wannabe. As was Jenny, as was Vanessa, well you get the point.

Anyone who’s watched one of Josh Schwartz’s shows The O. The series features live performances from acts well-known to the indie community like the Kaiser Chiefs and those that are just gaining attention, like Passion Pit. I mean, you do the math. You built quite the reputation for discovering and promoting bands on The O. We shot it but it never got to air—still, it was always something I was interested in.

I went to Alex [Patsavas, one of my music supervisors on The O. We wanted an array of bands—some bigger known bands, newer bands, local bands… During The O. The really cool thing about Rockville, CA is that the bands play live on the show. It brings a whole energy to their performance and to the show, we have all these unique-to-the-show live performances.

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Blair is beautiful and confident and she evolves a lot throughout the seasons without ever changing to drastically. Everyone aspires to be like her, but equally never wants to be like her. Her confidence, wit and ability to command everyone presence is amazing.

As the summer is drawing to a close, Blair and Chuck are madly in love and adjusting to their new"in a relationship” status, breaking all the traditional rules of dating as would be expected.

Have a little faith, and if that doesn’t work, a lot of mimosas. Blair has an ongoing up and down relationship with Chuck Bass , and after Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey , they have the second longest relationship in the series. Along with Dan and Serena, Blair appears in every episode of the series. Contents [ show ] Summary Blair is the daughter of Harold and Eleanor Waldorf , respectively a successful lawyer and fashion designer.

Her parents divorce, and her stepfathers include Roman Garrel and Cyrus Rose. After failing to build a future with Nate Archibald , Blair begins a relationship with Chuck Bass but later embarks in a failed marriage to Prince Louis Grimaldi Throughout the duration of the series, Blair is aged 16 to Blair’s storylines often surround her struggle with constantly feeling as if she is in Serena’s shadow and finding how she can shine in her own light.

They also surround her romantic relationships, namely with Chuck and Louis. Blair’s father was caught cheating on Eleanor with another man named Giles, which caused Eleanor to divorce him. Soon Blair’s mother meets Cyrus Rose , a rich architect.

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