Geography, History, and Ethnography This article is divided into the following sections: The total number of Baluch in Baluchistan in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan , the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and elsewhere in Asia and Africa is variously estimated at between three and five million. Their history up to the time when they were drawn into Western colonial history in the 19th century is poorly known. A copious literature has been produced on them since then, especially in English, but also in Persian and several other European and regional languages. Baluchistan is generally understood by the Baluch and their neighbors to comprise an area of over half a million square kilometers in the southeastern part of the Iranian plateau, south of the central deserts and the Helmand river, and in the arid coastal lowlands between the Iranian plateau and the Gulf of Oman. Its boundaries are vague and not consistent with modern provincial boundaries. It appears to have been divided throughout history between Iranian highland and Indian lowland spheres of influence, and since it has been formally divided among Afghanistan, Iran, and India later Pakistan.

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The blast happened in Quetta (Image: alishahjourno/Twitter) Read More. Manchester Hilton hotel attack victim who had her neck slashed revealed as year-old partygoer “Over 20 bodies and

The cricketer-turned-opposition politician appeared set to be prime minister after unofficial forecasts gave him a commanding lead. However there were fears last night of political paralysis, or even violence after his unexpectedly strong performance at the polls was rejected by rival parties. Khan declared victory in a televised speech on Thursday afternoon Credit: Reaching out to his country’s arch rival, he said he wanted talks with India to resolve their simmering dispute over Kashmir.

Imran Khan has had to be very flexible indeed on his long climb to power in Pakistan He went on: We are stuck at square one. The cricketer-turned-politician who began his political struggle 22 years ago added, “God has given me the chance to make my dream come true.

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The Hazara people make upto , of the population of Pakistan. Origin The origins of the Hazara are disputed, though there are three primary theories. A second theory goes back two millennia to the Kushan Dynasty, when Bamiyan in Afghanistan — home to the large statues blown up by the Taliban — was a centre of Buddhist civilisation. Subscribers to this idea point to the similar facial structure of the Hazaras with those of Buddhist murals and statues in the region.

The most widely-accepted theory is something of a compromise: Certain Mongol tribes did travel to eastern Persia and what is modern-day Afghanistan, putting down roots and integrating with the indigenous community.

Mar 06,  · Quetta is the largest city and the provincial capital of the Balochistan Province of Pakistan. Quetta is known as the “Fruit Garden of Pakistan”, Pakistan. truth about pakistan, truthaboutpakistan,quetta visit, quetta photos, pics, khubaib abbasi, quetta visit, quetta info,Author: Beautiful Pakistan.

In such attempt to gain support of people in Balochistan, they announced to hold a general gathering of people on Mizan Chowk on Thursday, the 26th April. Different participating organisations and religious groups had staged camps on Mizan Chowk with hoisting flags and anthems to exhibit their support mainly for the Taliban. Subsequently, a leader of the Quetta Yekjehti Council phoned up a colonel of frontier corps who assured them of necessary action against the miscreants which resulted in cooling off the youth.

It must be remembered that Sipaha-e-Sahaba Pakistan SSP is an extremist organisation which was banned by the Musharraf regime but the ban soon proved to have no virtual effect on them in that the above-said extremist organisation changed its name to Ahle Sunnat wa Al-Jamaat. Difa-e-Pakistan Council Pakistan Defence Council was formed few months ago by renowned extremist stalwarts and die-hard Taliban supporters to muster up sympathy for religious organisations. Police and the locals of Hazara Town have thwarted a suicide attack on Kirani Road Brewery where a potential suicide bomber was killed by the plain clothes police officials while performing surveillance in the area.

Our sources have confirmed that a young bearded man was suspiciously trying to enter the Hazara Town through Kirani Road. Before he was stopped for enquiry, the detonator in hand exploded which alerted the police to open fire at the suspect.


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Feb 22,  · A non-resident Pakistani recalls the non-dating days in Karachi. [Picture by Mayank Austen Soofi] Mr. Pervez Bhutto hails from Karachi but is .

His blog is bent upon debunking the myths foreigners carelessly associate with Pakistan. A simple thing such as dating acquires complexity in Pakistan. Take your pick — pious Muslims, conservatives, middle class society, and people of the rural regions. They all look down upon the free mingling of opposite sexes. Unfortunately, together they constitute the majority. Now, unfold Pakistan’s map and fix your eyes towards the western part of the country. With their tribes and coded customs, these provinces are decidedly more conservative.

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Dating Offers Shop Garden Shop Bookshop Tickets Puzzles Fantasy Football The suicide bomber struck outside a crowded polling station in Pakistan’s southwestern city of Quetta Credit.

Pervez Bhutto hails from Karachi but is living in North America since more than two decades. On his request, his true identity has been concealed. Bhutto, welcome to Pakistan Paindabad. You dated with girls? But you must know the usual places in Karachi that were frequented by lovers during your time? Looking back now, I can tell you that we my family and I would have looked down upon this practice and would have probably also looked away. Hard to explain this now more than 20 years later and transplanted for almost the same number of years in a totally different culture.

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Muhammad Akbar Notezai Published Mar 10, While textbooks and documentaries have delved deep into Mohenjo-daro and the Indus Valley civilisation, little attention has been paid to the oldest civilisation in Mehrgarh. On a bright and sunny day, after heavy rain and snow in Quetta, I decided the time was perfect to leave for Mehrgarh. Passing through the majestic mountains of Bolan I reached Dhadar after a two and half hour journey.

After a short pit stop and a rendezvous with a local reporter, we set off for Mehrgarh.

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Link A Pakistani walks in the main hall of a church following a suicide attack in Quetta, Pakistan. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Baluchistan has long been the scene of an insurgency by separatists fighting against the state to demand more of a share of the gas- and mineral-rich region’s resources.

They also accuse the central government of discrimination. The Taliban, Sunni Islamist militants and sectarian groups linked to al Qaeda and the Islamic State group also operate in the strategically important region, which borders Iran as well as Afghanistan. Pakistan has launched several military offensives over the last decade against the Islamist militants who want to install their own harsh brand of religion. Although beaten and dispersed, the militants have shown resilience to launch spectacular attacks.

Early this month, three Taliban suicide bombers attacked an agriculture college in northwestern Peshawar city, killing eight students and a guard.

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He had hoped to join the 95th Rifle Brigade of Peninsular War fame. In this role he encountered, and fought against, corruption in the army. Smith-Dorrien was present at the Battle of Isandlwana during the Zulu Wars on 22 January , serving with the British invasion force as a transport officer for the army’s Royal Artillery detachment.

As Zulu forces overran the British forces, Smith-Dorrien narrowly escaped on his transport pony over 20 miles of rough terrain with twenty Zulu warriors in hot pursuit, crossing the Buffalo River , 80 yards wide and with a strong current, by holding the tail of a loose horse.

“Mehrgarh is one of the ancient civilisations of the world, dating back 11, years,” he claims, adding, “it is older than the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisations.”.

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Watch video · Isis has claimed responsibility for a deadly bomb attack near a polling station in Quetta, Pakistan, on the day of the country’s general election. Officials say the death toll has risen to at.

Thursday, June 21, Earthquake On 31st May at 3. There was another severe shock on 2nd June,Killed about to peopls. An official Government communique issued on that day from Simla stated: The whole city of Quetta is destroyed and being sealed under military guard from 2nd June with medical advice. It is estimated that 20, corpses remain buried under the debris. There is no hope of rescuing any more persons alive.

The corpses extracted and buried number several thousand. There are about 10, Indian survivors including 4, injured. All houses in the civil area are razed to the ground except Government House, which is partially standing but in ruins. The church and club are both in ruins, also the Murree Brewery. One quarter of the cantonment area is destroyed, the remaining three quarters slightly damaged, but inhabitable. Most of the damage was done in the RAF area where the barracks were destroyed, and only six out of the twenty-seven machines are serviceable.

The railway area is destroyed. Hanna Road and the Staff College are undamaged.

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