No more rumors and wishful thinking. Here is what Leica has in store for us, starting with the opening of Photokina , today. Leica M Edition 60 This is a limited edition of cameras, designed by Audi. The camera is based on the Leica M-P, but is a back to basics approach. The biggest difference is that the camera has no display screen. It has only the most basic settings for digital photography: The ISO sensitivity is set via a dial in back of the camera. One could look at it as a digital camera that works just like a film camera.

New Software Preview at Photokina: X-Rite i1Profiler

Rangefinder Renaissance More new rangefinders are waiting to find space on dealer’s shelves! New Confirmed Cameras October Leica M8 digital released at Photokina March As special edition Leicas go, this is one of the best! This is a dream come true to many long time Nikon collectors, but they are now sold out at the factory and never officially exported out of Japan! Leica 50th Anniversary M7 Titanium was introduced at Photokina.

Luminous Landscape will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. I saw it at Photokina in September, and frankly thought that it was a weird and ungainly looking device. Prototype design. Final version may differ.

The smaller form factor along with the lovely body , is a big part of its charm, though. It’s more discreet than DSLRs or large mirrorless models for tourism or street photography. If you like dials, the X-T3 has no less than five of them. There’s a dual dial on the left ISO control on top and drive mode underneath , and you can lock off ISO with a button on top. On the right of the EVF is another dual dial, with shutter speed also lockable and metering mode below.

To the right of that is the exposure compensation dial that doesn’t lock, but has a lot of friction to prevent movement.

Leica Announces CL in Silver Anodized Finish

Share Tweet After Treyarch removed the Nuketown map from online matchmaking, causing an outcry from it’s fan base, the developer has now caved to demands and put the map back into rotation. Any gamer who pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops II, or who purchased the hardened or care-package editions of the game, received the Nuketown bonus multiplayer map, a remake of the ever popular Nuketown map from the original Black Ops.

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Last week in tech: By Stan Horaczek posted Oct 1st, at 1: Listen the latest episode of the podcast! You can listen in the player above, subscribe on iTunes, follow us on SoundCloud, or add us to your Stitcher. The company reportedly fixed the vulnerability, told the FBI, and then alerted the rest of us on Friday. HP made a leather laptop Shout out to HP’s subtle passive aggression by putting some apples in the background of these press images.

Nokia Lumia 920’s PureView Technology Impresses at Photokina 2012

Just spent two days at Photokina and amidst all exciting announcements of new full frame cameras, I walk away with the impression that 3 years after its introduction the SL is still the best photo camera available. As much as mirrorless systems can be smaller, their lenses apparently not. Just when we thought that the was big, it is quite average compared to the pro lenses of Canon or Sony.

The ISO button behind the shutter release is the big thing that started other cheese moving. The addition of the D4/D5 thumbstick to move focus (and perform other functions) is the other.

Jim Fisher Putting Smartphones to Shame If you’re feeling limited by what your point-and-shoot can do, there are plenty of reasons to consider an interchangable lens camera ILC , whether it be a traditional DSLR or a more modern mirrorless model. These advanced shooters feature larger image sensors, superior optics, robust manual controls, faster performance, and the versatility of changeable lenses. All this functionality doesn’t come cheap, though, and the cost of an ILC can add up, especially when you start factoring in lenses.

You also need to remember that you’re buying into a camera system. If you start with Canon, chances are that your next one will be as well, simply for the fact that you’ll be able to make use of existing lenses and accessories. Here are the most important aspects to consider when you’re shopping for a digital SLR, as well as the highest-rated models we’ve tested. Mirrorless Cameras A decade ago, if you wanted a camera with interchangeable lenses, an SLR was really your only option.

Pixii camera (A1112) specifications posted online (with Leica M-mount)

The and megapixel cameras, respectively, are still prototypes and the specs aren’t final, but they look promising. Both have built-in image stabilization, a large, high-resolution EVF, triaxial tilt LCD for both selfie photographers and vloggers, the highest flash sync speeds on the market, and double slots for SD and XQD cards. We were able to get our hands on the S1R, and although the camera was non-operational, the design and layout are nearly final.

Sep 25,  · Ricoh to debut highly anticipated RICOH GR III high-end digital compact camera at Photokina Newest model of the popular RICOH GR series combines exceptional image quality in .

Identifying up to 10 faces in a frame, Face Detection Technology ensures photos of friends and family are crisp, clear and properly exposed for a natural feel. It simultaneously displays a green rectangle around the primary subject, while white squares identify up to nine other subjects. Low Light Photography and Picture Stabilization Fujifilm has identified low light photography as one of the true benchmarks of a digital camera’s performance, as many images are taken when light is limited.

Higher light sensitivities make flash-free photography possible with available light, balancing foreground and background exposure and contributing to a natural look and feel. Higher light sensitivities also enable the camera to shoot with faster shutter speeds, which lessen the likelihood of blurry pictures caused by a moving subject or the shake of an unsteady hand. This easy-to-identify, automatic setting lets the FinePix F31fd choose the correct light sensitivity and best-matching shutter speed, producing the highest quality digital pictures without blur and the noise often associated with high sensitivity photographs.

Together, the Face Detection and i-Flash technologies produce photographs with prominent subjects exhibiting pleasing, natural tones. In this mode the FinePix F31fd quickly shoots two images in succession — one with and one without the flash — saving both. This convenient function lets the user perform an on-the-spot picture comparison and decide whether the FinePix F31fd produced the most pleasing photo with flash, or without.

This mode preserves scene mood and enhances background detail by shooting with faster shutter speeds at higher light sensitivities if necessary with a suppressed flash. The FinePix F31fd features a large 2.

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The release is scheduled for early Update 1 — the above promo vidoe was removed. Update 2 — US press release added: The new camera is the latest model of the RICOH GR series, a lineup of high-end digital compact cameras providing exceptional image quality in a compact, lightweight body ideal for street photography, travel and capturing candid images. Currently under development, the RICOH GR III features a newly designed lens, image sensor and imaging engine that further upgrade image quality, enhance functionality and improve the user interface.

Photokina is a great place to observe, even though I often have to do that from afar. The press conferences, the press releases, the order of announcements, who’s involved, small details that some gloss over, they all tell a story beyond just “Company X announced Y.”.

Over the next few days, we will continue publishing more information on these cameras, including comparisons with existing options on the market and a deeper dive into some of their most interesting features. Official Press Release Here is the official press release from Nikon: This system has been realized through the pursuit of a new dimension in optical performance. At the heart of the Z mount system is the new, larger-diameter mount, which unlocks further possibilities of lens design.

Additionally, the new mount adapter will enable compatibility with NIKKOR F mount lenses, adding to the range of choices for photographers. It is about redefining possibilities to provide image makers with tools to pursue greater creativity. By providing image makers with stimulating new products, Nikon will continue to lead imaging culture. The high-resolution Z 7 has

Kodak at IPEX 2010 – K Zone Panel – What We Think — The analyst Viewpoint